Little Baller Delivers A Full-Court Dart At The Buzzer To Bury Opposing Team In Most Crushing Way Possible

Before I even mention the game-winning, full-court shot by the little kid—which is one of the more impressive things I’ve ever seen from a nine-year-old bro in my life—how about the ice water in the veins of the kid at the free-throw line to even put his team in position to win? Stepping to the foul-line with the game on the line and all that pressure on a young dude’s shoulders is shit NBA players can’t even handle.

Of course, then No. 4 in black ruins it all by hitting a shot that neither you nor I could hit in that same situation in 1,ooo tries.

There’s Ray Allen clutch, then there’s this kid, a quiet assassin on the hardwood that just made an entire team cry their eyes out. What a ruthless youngin’.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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