Little League Baseball Player Disregards Coach And Doesn’t Advance To Second Base For The Best Reason Ever

Little League baseball can be grueling torture to watch. The kids don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. They’re eating dandelions in the outfield, the third baseman is picking his nose and eating boogers and the hitter hasn’t taken the bat off the shoulder for 24 straight pitches because he’s afraid of the ball. With that being said, I could watch this young lad play baseball all day long.

This miniature baseball player was told by the first base coach to advance to second base, but the lil guy had other priorities. Instead of running to the next base he took some time to hug the first base coach who is also his dad.

I would have hugged my dad at my Little League games too… if he was there. Thanks for not being there dad, it totally had a great affect on my life.