Lolo Jones Accuses Shaq Of Being ‘High’ When He Shared Controversial Angel Reese Take

LSU basketball star Angel Reese

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Iowa’s Caitlin Clark may have initially emerged as the star of the NCAA Tournament earlier this year, but LSU’s Angel Reese was the person who really earned the right to don the crown when everything was said and done.

Reese played an instrumental role in the Tigers’ national title run and was unfortunately forced to defend herself after catching heat for the top-tier trolling she deployed in the national championship game (which Clark herself said she had absolutely no issue with).

She also saw her NIL valuation skyrocket and wasted no time pursuing some potential endorsement deals after bursting into the national spotlight and receiving a ton of praise for her performance.

Shaquille O’Neal was one of the many people who lauded Reese for her play, although the legendary big man left plenty of people scratching their heads when he asserted she is the best athlete LSU has ever produced.

At first glance, it seems like the very man who made that proclamation could probably claim that particular accolade, and while Reese is undoubtedly wildly talented, you could also argue Pete Maravich is a top contender when you consider he is possibly the greatest college basketball player of all time.

Now, LSU alum Lolo Jones has entered the conversation with a Hot Take of her own, as the multi-sport Olympian floated an interesting (and largely unsubstantiated) theory to try to explain why Shaq made that fairly questionable claim.

Jones shared her thoughts on the matter while speaking with TMZ Sports in an interview where she suggest O’Neal’s comments could be traced back to his recent hip surgery:

“Shaq knew what he was doing. Shaq’s just bored.

He’s coming off hip surgery. He’s chilling at home. I think Shaq, honestly, is high on some pain medicines. The list is so big with LSU.

So, for Shaq to have the audacity to say ‘She’s the best ever,’ I’m like, ‘Bro, chill on the pain meds’ because that list is arduous. So long.”

It’s safe to say Lolo Jones and Shaq are not on the same page as far as this particular topic is concerned.

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