Lonzo Ball Confronts Ex-Girlfriend Denise Garcia After She Called Him A ‘Deadbeat Dad’ And Makes Her Apologize

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A few months ago Lonzo Ball’s ex-girlfriend/baby mama Denise Garcia made headlines when she implied Lonzo was “deadbeat dad” during an Instagram live video.

LaVar, Lonzo and the rest of the Ball family reacted in disgust to Garcia’s off-the-cuff “deadbeat dad” remark.

LaVar Ball:

They ain’t even have a baby more than two months, saying that he’s a deadbeat. How do you call someone a deadbeat and you just had the baby?

How are you going to let two months go by and you’re talking about child support. That tells you where your mind was at…..She can flip the script that quick, she has the nerve to call him a deadbeat, she doesn’t know what a deadbeat is.

Lonzo Ball: She’s putting stuff out there that doesn’t need to be out there. That’s what it is…That one hurts a little bit. We definitely have to talk about what was done because I don’t think it was funny.

On the latest episode of “Ball In The Family” Lonzo confronted Denise about her comments and while Denise still feels that Lonzo isn’t around enough for their child because of his busy schedule she did apologize for implying that he was a deadbeat.

Lonzo: Why? Why?
Denise Garcia: I understand with your schedule, when it comes to weight and practice and you’re tired. I get that”
Lonzo: Do I miss the weekends?
Denise Garcia: You’ve slacked on days.
Lonzo: Do I miss the weekends? Is she taken care of financially? Just tell me I’ll never do it again and I’ll keep our business, our business.

h/t Total Pro Sports

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