This Female LSU Fan Who Reportedly Vomited On Students And Resisted Arrest Is The Hero We Need Right Now

The LSU football team weren’t the only winners on Saturday. So was 20-year-old LSU student Renuka Koritala.

For you see, Ms. Koritala went way above and beyond with her intoxication on Saturday, puking all over people and even kicking a cop. Apparently North Section 227 at Tiger Stadium was the place to be on Saturday, that is unless you were one of the folks she barfed on, of course.

Reports WAFB

On Saturday, October 22, a woman had to be carried out of Tiger Stadium after reportedly vomiting on students and kicking an officer multiple times. She was also found with marijuana on her person.

Just after 10 p.m., officers were called out to the stadium in reference to a complaint about an LSU student, Renuka Koritala, 20, vomiting on other students in North Section 227. When officers arrived, Koritala allegedly began to run away. When officers were finally able to catch her at a stairway, she kicked one of the officers in his right knee, causing him to fall.

The probable cause report says after kicking the officer, other officers had to execute a fireman’s carry to take her out of the stadium to prevent her from hurting herself or others. Once out of the stands, officials say Koritala was able to free her leg and kick the first officer a second time. She was taken to the booking room and advised of her rights per Miranda.

Girl’s a fighter, I like it. Though she doesn’t sound very chill for someone who was booked on charges of possession of marijuana, resisting an officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia, as she was.

Oh, of course there is also AMAZING video…


H/T The Big Lead

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