New Video Shows LSU Safety John Battle’s Cheap Shot During Saturday’s Wild Brawl

LSU Football

iStockphoto / Roberto Michel

In a wild college football season, it’s sad that the game of the year to this point is being overshadowed by a postgame brawl, but, unfortunately, that’s where we’re at with this whole Texas A&M-LSU Tigers thing.

As Jorge Alonso reported a couple times following the fight after the seven overtime contest on Saturday night between the two SEC teams, one of the men identified was, allegedly, Cole Fisher, who is the nephew of A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher. After Cole was seen taking a swing at LSU assistant coach Steve Kragthorpe, more wood got thrown into the fire with a new angle of the melee, with LSU safety John Battle appearing to swing at Cole.

The video was recently posted to Twitter, so here’s a look at the new angle, which isn’t a good sign for Battle.

Clearly, if Battle did punch Cole Fisher, or anyone else for that matter, the SEC would presumably come down on him pretty hard, so it’s something to keep an eye on. Regardless of any punishment that might take place, this type of crap shouldn’t be happening at major programs like LSU and Texas A&M, so hopefully we don’t have to see anything like this anytime soon.

As of now, though, there’s no word as to any punishments or suspensions for either side, but that may change with this new video surfacing.

(H/T Saturday Down South)

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