Was Luka Doncic Shooting His Shot At A Ref During The Game? Social Media Wants To Think So

Social Media Thinks Luka Doncic Was Shooting His Shot At Ref In Game


Was Dallas Mavericks’ star Luka Doncic shooting his shot at female referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich during Wednesday night’s game vs. the Los Angeles Clippers? Social media would really like to think so.

During a lull in the action while the Clippers’ Paul George was shooting a couple of free throws, Doncic approached Moyer-Gleich under the guise of wanting to talk about a foul.

“What foul?” Moyer-Gleich can be seen replying to Luka who had his back turned to the camera.

“What foul?” she repeated, looking very serious.

The next thing we see is her grinning and giving him the side-eye because Luka must have said something funny as he turned with a sh*t-eating grin on his face and Ty Lue, rocking a mask, came off the Clippers’ bench to chime in on whatever Doncic said, causing her to turn towards him with a smile.

Of course, that was all social media needed to begin wildly speculating about what Doncic said to Moyer-Gleich because fans were 100 percent shipping them.

If Luka really was spitting game, during the game, it’s little wonder someone dropped a record-breaking $4.6 million on a Luka Doncic rookie card. The guy really is a living legend.