Ed Sheeran Impresses In First Ever Shotgun Attempt Alongside Luke Combs

Someone opens a beer can.


Luke Combs is going viral this week for teaching a fellow musician how to shotgun a beer. The country music star was seen tutoring Ed Sheeran on the party trick, and judging by Sheeran’s first try, Combs did a great job.

A clip of the two superstars has been posted to Instagram, resulting in a major response from fans online.

Sheeran was in the headlines for another reason of late, being sued for copyright infringement. The singer’s hit song, “Thinking Out Loud,” was a bit too similar to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” which led to the suit.

After a long and drawn-out trial, Sheeran was able to convince the jury that he’d done no wrong. To win the case, he actually played the guitar and sang songs similar to that of his own hit, displaying how easily one tune can sound like another.

Upon deliberation, the jury reached its conclusion, which fell in Ed Sheeran’s favor.

He now appears to be celebrating that win in court, teaming up with Luke Combs for the collaboration that music fans didn’t know they needed.

Sheeran posted a clip to his Instagram page showing him learning how to shotgun beers.


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Fans were quick to comment.

Many were impressed with the speed of his first ever shotgun with this person saying, “Not bad Ed!”

This fan wrote, “Whhhaaaattt it is very hard to believe Ed has never shotgunned a beer.”

Others, though, commented on the teacher’s can, which appeared to have a little beer left inside.

One follower jokingly asked, “We gonna act like Luke’s beer wasn’t still half full?”

Full or not, shotgunning is something that’s been in Luke Combs’ repertoire for some time. The beer guzzling country music star was even seen chugging brews with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett on stage at a recent concert.

We’ll definitely need more from this duo in the future.