Mac Jones Shares His Side Of The Story After Being Accused Of ‘Dirty’ Move That Injured Panthers Linebacker

Mac Jones explains burn ankle twist

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  • Mac Jones attempted to explain his side of the story after he was caught twisting the ankle of Carolina Panthers linebacker Brian Burns
  • The Patriots quarterback attempted to defend himself for a move plenty of people have labeled as “dirty”
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Following a rocky start to the season, the New England Patriots secured their third consecutive win on Sunday in a 24-6 victory over the Panthers, which put the team half a game behind the Bills for the top spot in the AFC East after climbing to 5-4 on the year.

Mac Jones drew plenty of praise for his performance in the pocket, but those accolades were overshadowed by the amount of heat he caught thanks to what unfolded after the quarterback fumbled the ball following a sack in the first quarter.

After losing possession of the pigskin, Jones latched onto the leg of Panthers linebacker Brian Burns and gave his ankle the same kind of treatment an alligator gives to its prey, which led to the defender having to leave the game (he’d eventually return before succumbing to another ankle injury in the fourth quarter.

Following the contest, Carolina LB Haason Reddick became one of the many people to describe the move as “dirty. However, others were willing to give Jones the benefit of the doubt—including Bill Belichick, who suggested his QB thought Burns had recovered the fumble and was attempting to bring him down.

On Monday afternoon, Jones deployed that defense during an appearance on Merloni & Fauria, saying he wasn’t sure who had possession and that he was simply attempting to make what he thought was a clean tackle.

I for one am sure that everyone will take Jones at his word and this will totally, definitely be the end of this particular controversy.