Fans Slam Madden Ratings After Seeing Amari Cooper Ranked Above Ja’Marr Chase

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Fans are upset upon seeing the Madden ’23 WR ratings this week. The game’s newest edition is leaking its overall player rankings before the game is ultimately released this August.

On Monday, fans got a chance to see the pass catchers. It’s safe to say that many disagreed with the original ratings. Take a look for yourself.

The top 10 wideouts in the NFL, according to Madden, are as follows.

  1. Davante Adams 99 OVR
  2. Cooper Kupp 98 OVR
  3. Tyreek Hill 97 OVR
  4. DeAndre Hopkins 96 OVR
  5. Stefon Diggs 95 OVR
  6. Justin Jefferson 93 OVR
  7. Mike Evans 92 OVR
  8. Terry McLaurin 91 OVR
  9. Keenan Allen 91 OVR
  10. Amari Cooper 90 OVR

It’s no surprise to see Adams and Kupp at the top of the list. Adams joins the ’99 Club’ and is widely considered to be the top pass catcher in the game. Kupp is fresh off of a Super Bowl winning season where he led the league in catches, yards, and touchdowns.

Hill, Diggs, Jefferson, and Co. have proven to be worthy of their ratings, but it’s a player that was left off of this leaderboard that has folks upset.

Fans blast Madden WR ratings for putting Amari Cooper over Ja’Marr Chase

One name that was left off of the board was Ja’Marr Chase, who’s fresh off of a 1,400-yard season and a Super Bowl appearance. Just a rookie, Chase led the Bengals in receiving and was quarterback Joe Burrow’s favorite target. Chase more than doubled the next closest teammate in touchdown receptions, and he averaged an incredible 18 yards per catch.

Some believe that was worthy of a rating higher than Amari Cooper, who’s never tallied a 1,400-yard season and had 865 yards last year with Dallas.

Take a look at the immediate reaction.

There were actually a few saying that Deebo Samuel should’ve gotten the nod over Cooper, too. Samuel was one of the most dynamic players in the league last year, racking up 1,770 yards from scrimmage. He, like Chase, notched a 1,400-yard season as a receiver while leading the 49ers in both rushing and receiving scores.

It appears to be a huge swing and a miss by Madden on the WR ratings.

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