Magic Johnson Saying ‘I’m Not Gonna Be Here’ At His Resignation Presser Is This Week’s Best New Meme

Magic Johnson Saying Im Not Gonna Be Here Is This Weeks Best Meme

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So what was the most surprising thing about Magic Johnson announcing his resignation as President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers?

The fact that his announcement stole much of the night’s focus away from retiring NBA superstars Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade?

The fact that he told the media about his resignation before telling the team’s coach Luke Walton?

Or the fact that he told the media before he even told his boss Jeannie Buss?

All of those things were about as unexpected as the resignation itself, and for what it’s worth, Buss, at least publicly, didn’t seem too upset with Johnson.

You know what wasn’t unexpected about Magic Johnson’s resignation press conference? The fact that he did something that the internet turned into an A+ meme.

“I been talking to the people walking here, we been talking about next year and I’m sittin’ there sayin’… *shakes head*… I’m not gonna be here. Hahahahaha,” Magic told the assembled media.

That was all it took and people on Twitter were off to the races.

Pretty much.

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