Golden State Warriors Honoring Manute Bol With Giant, Er, Life-Size Bobblehead

The first 10,000 fans at tonight’s Chicago Bulls-Golden State Warriors will receive a Manute Bol bobblehead. Let me be more specific: a reasonably sized bobblehead celebrating the tallest player in NBA history. As opposed to the life-size version seen here towering over 7-foot Andrew Bogut.

Uh, yeah. I need that thing and I need it now.

Bol played for the Warriors for three seasons (1988-90, 1994-95). In his first season with Golden State in 1988-89, Bol led the league with a team-record 345 blocks while also demonstrating a rare shooting touch for a man his size, converting on 20 three-pointers. The Sudanese star averaged 3.34 blocks per game in his career, the second-best mark in league history, and ranks 15th on the NBA’s all-time blocks list with over 2,000 career rejections. Bol’s son, Chris Bol, will be in attendance at Tuesday night’s game to honor his father, who passed away on June 19, 2010.

Twenty three-pointers? Pretty impressive. But it should be noted Bol once sank six three-pointers in one half while with the Philadelphia 76ers. It remains one of my favorite sports moments in history.

[H/T: Warriors]