Marcus Peters Tries To Explain ‘Peeky-Man Go’ To Marshawn Lynch And, Yes, Hilarity Ensued

I always tip my hat a bit to Marshawn Lynch. Guy plays by his own rules. He didn’t want to talk to the media, so he didn’t. He wanted to retire despite still being in his prime, so he did. The guy has one rule and one rule only: “Don’t do lame-ass shit that you ain’t fly with.” I may be paraphrasing a bit.Plus, there was the whole ‘hold my dick’ thing, which was arguably one of the greatest moments in the history of sports. Just pointing all of this out, I kind of feel as if Lynch was always the kind of guy to march to the beat of his own drum and disregard what other people were doing. So I’m not all that shocked that he has no fucking clue what Pokemon Go is. However, that doesn’t make watching Kansas City Chiefs CB Marcus Peters try to explain it to him any less funny. Especially because Lynch thinks the game is pronounced ‘Peeky-Man Go’.