Aubrey Huff Gets Absolutely Destroyed By Marcus Stroman After Huff Took A Shot At Him

Aubrey Huff mask coronavirus

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At least once a month, former Major League Baseball player Aubrey Huff crawls out of whatever hole he lives in and issues a few offensive, ill-informed tweets, often directly targeted at someone he dislikes, to his over 200,000 Twitter followers. (I wonder how many of those followers are fans and how many are just tracking him to watch all the car crash tweets he publishes.)

One of Huff’s most recent targets was none other than LeBron James who the former Giants first baseman mocked for carrying a “purse.”

As usual, Huff was shot down by dozens of people including several this time who reminded him that during the 2010 playoffs Huff admitted wearing his wife’s red thong underwear.

New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman, one of the best follows on Twitter for his unfiltered tweets, is just one of the many people who have no time for Huff’s nonsense.

For example, when Stroman was out with an injury, Huff decided to lob a SJW tweet his way, sideswiping James in the process.

Stroman then proceeded to end Huff with one of the best comeback tweets of 2020.

Marcus Stroman Crushes Aubrey Huff For His Latest Ridiculous Tweet

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This is all pretty standard procedure for Huff these days though. No amount of logic or common sense is going to stop him. Heck, his latest podcast effort has him somehow comparing wearing a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus to being a communist.

He also called the reports about the numerous Marlins players testing positive and causing several games to be postponed fake news.

Someone really needs to get former NFL running back Larry Johnson to guest on Huff’s podcast sometime.