Reds Pitcher Trevor Bauer, Ex-MLBer Aubrey Huff Get Into Nasty Twitter Fight Over… Something

Trevor Bauer Gets Into Fight With Former Player Aubrey Huff On Twitter

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It must be crazy former professional athlete day today because now we’ve got ex-Major League Baseball player slash noted crackpot Aubrey Huff getting into a profane argument with outspoken current MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer about the ridiculously bad negotiations that have been taking place between the owners, commissioner and MLBPA.

In case you missed it, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, the latest proposal put forth by Major League Baseball owners of a 60-game season was roundly rejected (again) by the players, this time by a vote of 33 to 5.

Now, with almost zero chance that the impasse between the players and owners will be rectified in time to actually hold a season in 2020, everyone is waiting for the worst commissioner in professional sports, Rob Manfred, to formally implement a mandatory shortened season to begin at some point in the next few weeks.

MLB owners already voted unanimously on Monday night to do so with a 60-game season that would start on July 24. The players now have until 5 p.m. on Tuesday to respond.

“In view of this rejection, the MLB Clubs have unanimously voted to proceed with the 2020 season under the terms of the March 26th Agreement,” read a statement from the owners. “The provisions listed above will not be operative.

“In order to produce a schedule with a specific number of games, we are asking that the Players Association provide to us by 5:00 p.m. (ET) tomorrow with two pieces of information. The first is whether players will be able to report to camp within seven days (by July 1st). The second is whether the Players Association will agree on the Operating Manual which contains the health and safety protocols necessary to give us the best opportunity to conduct and complete our regular season and Postseason.”

Those provisions included a universal DH for two years, guaranteed $25 million in playoff pools in 2020, $33 million in forgiven salary advances, and removing the proposed expanded postseason in 2021.

Earlier in the day, Bauer expressed his frustration with the owners’ negotiating tactics.

Those comments apparently rubbed former Rays, Giants, Tigers, Giants and Astros player Aubrey Huff the wrong way so he went after Bauer’s career stats.

Naturally, Bauer responded.

Which eventually led to a profane back-and-forth free-for-all.

Then Curt Schilling got involved, because of course he did.

I have to tell you. I’ve tried and I am still not exactly sure what it was those two were arguing about.