Mariano Rivera Just Put Edwin Diaz In His Place

Mariano Rivera

Getty Image / Jim McIsaac

Edwin Diaz’s fame in the sporting world increased after his song entrance electrified sports fans everywhere.

Even so, there’s at least one person who doesn’t think it’s even remotely close to being as cool as his. And that’s legendary pitcher Mariano Rivera.

Rivera is regarded as the best closing pitcher in MLB history. The fact that more people have walked on the moon (12) than people who have scored on him in the postseason (11) is bonkers.

So, with that in mind, of course, Mariano Rivera thinks his song entrance is better. But here he is explaining why as he throws a little shade at Edwin Diaz.

For a little reminder, here is Rivera taking the pitch in his final game at Yankee Stadium.

As soon as you heard Enter Sandman begin playing you knew it was over. What made him more impressive was that Rivera only ever used fastballs to strike out opposing batters.

Mariano Rivera makes a strong point though. 17 years in the MLB plus the fistful of rings he has definitely puts Diaz in his place.

Regardless, here is Edwin Diaz’s song entrance for comparison’s sake.

Look, at the end of the day, they’re both awesome. Mariano Rivera’s song entrance struck fear into opposing batters. Meanwhile, Edwin Diaz’s song entrance is one of the most electrifying experiences in sports today.

Even so, Rivera has the upper hand due to his longevity and ring count. Diaz has quite a ways to go before catching up to the GOAT.