Marshawn Lynch’s Agent Rips Russell Wilson On Twitter Mid-Game, Immediately Deletes It


In the midst of the Seattle Seahawks losing at home to the Arizona Cardinals and dropping to an underwhelming 4-5 on the season, Marshawn Lynch’s agent Doug Hendrickson thought it may be a good idea to bash his client’s faltering quarterback on Twitter.

Russell Wilson, who was grossly outplayed by Carson Palmer, put up meh numbers: 14/32, 240 yards, one touchdown.

Doug tweeted at Wilson mid-game expressing his dismay with the abstinent quarterback’s performance.


Doug deleted it soon thereafter.

It pains me how fucking stupid these people are. Ya, the tweet isn’t diabolical and it’s not like he called Russell an ‘abstinent lil bitch,’ but know your role, bro. You’re out of your element, Donnie. Your job is contingent on these players, not the other way around. You should let Wilson butt fuck you if it avoids rocking the boat and making headlines. But, of course, that abstinent lil bitch wouldn’t follow through with it.

Somewhat related, too good not to throw in here:



[h/t Bleacher Report]

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