Matt Ryan Revealed How Navy Seals-Style Training Helped The Atlanta Falcons Prep For The Season

Matt Ryan Navy Seals-Style Training Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan appeared on The Rich Eisen Show on Monday following his team’s 34 to 23 drubbing of the Packers on Sunday night (the score really wasn’t that close). He talked a little about the win, how they did it and how they can improve, but the most interesting part was when Ryan discussed a little bit about the Falcons’ offseason training.

Ryan revealed that one thing Coach Dan Quinn had the team do during offseason was train with a group of Navy SEALS to learn how to mentally move on to the next “mission” or opportunity which Ryan says brought the team closer together. Diving deeper into Coach Quinn’s mindset, Ryan says since the first day Quinn stepped into the building he constantly talks about the most important day or meeting being the one that you’re in at the moment. It’s something that Quinn lives by and that mindset has translated to the team.

And here I thought that the only reason the Falcons laid the wood to Green Bay on Sunday was because of “The Olivia Munn Curse.”

Matt Ryan Navy Seals-Style Training Atlanta Falcons

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“Don’t worry, Aaron. I think she’s still single. You can get her back and still salvage the season.” ~ Matt Ryan (probably)

Check out Ryan’s entire fascinating interview below…

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