Matt Ryan Announces Next Career Move But Makes It Clear He’s Not Retiring

Matt Ryan

Getty Image / Stephen Maturen

Matt Ryan has been in the league for quite sometime and it’s clear he’s nearing the end of his NFL career.

Perhaps the veteran quarterback understands that, as he announced he’s taking on a new job. However, Ryan does make it clear that he’s not retiring.

Matt Ryan shared that he will be a new NFL analyst for CBS, but made sure to let everyone know that he’s not retiring from the league just yet.

Now, taking on a new full time job would make you think he’s officially done with football. But Ryan is very smart in claiming he’s not officially retired just yet.

Due to his contract with the Indianapolis Colts, if he announced his retirement, the team wouldn’t have to pay him $12 million this season.

With that said, it looks like Matt Ryan has 12 million reasons why he’s not retiring.

Either way, he should be solid as a football analyst. He’s been around the game for decades and can probably explain things better than most.

But in the end, football fans are just happy for him as they flood his mentions with congratulations.

Australia fans sure seem happy for him.

Fans can’t get enough of Matty Ice on the mic.

Matt Ryan has plenty of fans happy for him.

He did seem to do a solid job last season and apparently CBS liked what they saw.

Also, this is a move you have to respect. He’s clearly done with football but since Matt Ryan didn’t officially announce he’s retiring, the Colts will have to pay him $12 million.

Gotta respect the hustle.