Max Homa Is Firmly ‘Team Rory’ Based On The Shot He Fired At Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed and Max Homa

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Golf has traditionally been viewed as a “gentleman’s game” defined by a fairly strict set of rules and etiquette guidelines that players are expected to abide by.

While plenty of drama routinely unfolds on the links, the sport isn’t really known for generating the kind of petty feuds and interpersonal clashes we’ve come to expect from the likes of the NBA and NFL. However, it’s hard to argue that’s the case in this day and age thanks to what’s unfolded since LIV Golf arrived with a splash last year.

The upstart league has been the source of an incredible amount of tension thanks in no small part to the massive bags of cash the organization has used to successfully poach dozens of players from the PGA Tour. Virtually everyone who’s opted to defect has implicitly agreed to subject themselves to the deluge of criticism that has come with going that route—although that hasn’t stopped plenty of them from pushing back.

That includes Patrick Reed, who has defended his honor with the help of the legal team that’s gone after a number of journalists, news outlets, and some fellow golfers the 2018 Masters champion has accused of dragging his name through the mud.

Earlier this week, we learned Rory McIlroy was one of the people who’d been hit with a subpoena following a fairly overblown “incident” that transpired when Reed threw (or, more accurately, lightly tossed) a tee toward the Northern Irishman after getting the cold shoulder ahead of the Hero Dubai Desert Classic.

That slight sparked a war of words, as McIlroy claimed he was served with legal papers on Christmas Eve before Reed accused him of acting like a “little child” for failing to acknowledge him on the range.

Now, a new player has entered the chat in the form of Max Homa, as the fan favorite appeared to announce he is firmly on Team Rory with a tweet he sent on on Wednesday.

This is the dumbest drama ever and I cannot get enough of it.

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