Mel Tucker Blasted For Pocketing Six-Figure Bonus Meant To Be Shared With His Staff

Mel Tucker reportedly kept a $100K bonus meant to be shared with his staff.

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Mel Tucker is being dragged through the mud on social media this week for reportedly pocketing a $100K bonus meant to be shared amongst his coaching staff.

According to a report from USA Today, the Michigan State leader kept the entirety of an annual check meant to be “allocated among Tucker, his assistant coaches and the program’s other staff members.” The disbursement of these monies would be given at the “discretion of the Athletics Director with input from the Coach.”

Making things worse, the bonus was given on top of the $250K incentive Tucker received for leading the Spartans to the Peach Bowl last year. Oh, and the fact that he’s making nearly $10M a season as head coach.

Tucker is one of the top five highest paid coaches in college football, which makes these reports even more egregious.

“Mel Tucker’s contract stipulates he and his staff can share a six-figure bonus. Instead, Tucker received the entire $100,000.”

Fans on social media were quick to react to the explosive allegations.

One fan said, “Dude just signed a $100 million bonus… real standup guy,” while another replied, “MSU got themselves a real winner with this one.”

Other fans called Tucker the “Michael Scott of college football,” referencing the hilarious episode where The Office boss kept an overage check rather than spend the money on equipment that would benefit his co-workers.

Some speculated that this could affect his next hires, as the report might turn coordinators away from working with him. And he may need to make some changes after this year’s 5-6 performance.

“Just like that, Mel Tucker has created a scenario in which no good coordinator or position coach will want to work with him,” said one college football follower.

There were those that tried to defend the coach, but that defense was mostly met with opposition.

It’s certainly a shocking development to keep an eye on in the college football world.

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