Micah Parsons Goes Off On Leonard Fournette About Blindside Block After Cowboys Brutal Loss To Buccaneers

Micah Parsons Goes Off On Leonard Fournette About Wild Blindside Block

Getty Image / Tom Pennington

The Dallas Cowboys had a rough start to the season after losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-3. Even through all of the adversity, Micah Parsons still managed to have a good game. However, he got a bit heated about a blindside block delivered by Leonard Fournette that everyone keeps praising.

Micah Parsons Calls Out Leonard Fournette For Blindside Block

At the end of the day, Parsons had a strong performance on Sunday night. Regardless, there is a clip of Leonard Fournette pancaking the Cowboys’ star linebacker. Social media has been praising the Buccaneers running back, but Micah Parsons clearly isn’t having any of it. Check out what he said below!

Okay, but Parsons is making a ton of sense. He was an absolute beast against Tampa Bay, as the Cowboys star put up five total tackles and two sacks. However, it didn’t translate to a win and instead, many are focusing on this one play between Micah Parsons and Leonard Fournette. Even Von Miller is tired of seeing blocks like this in the game.

Miller makes a strong point. The sport of football has removed a ton of unnecessary blindside blocks from the game in recent years. Leonard Fournette didn’t have to go all out on Micah Parsons at all and could have accomplished blocking him. We’ll see if the NFL makes any rule changes about this type of block down the road, as player safety has been an ongoing theme.

So, although Fournette got the best of Micah Parsons this time, perhaps we, the media, should consider stopping hyping up blindside blocks like this.

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