A Mic’d Up Sean McVay Called Aaron Donald’s Decisive Super Bowl Play

A Micd Up Sean McVay Called Aaron Donalds Decisive Super Bowl Play

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  • Rams coach Sean McVay was mic’d up and predicted Aaron Donald’s huge defensive play at the end of Super Bowl LVI.
  • The play occurred after McVay implored the Rams defense to make a crucial fourth down stop, and Aaron Donald in particular.
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With 43 seconds left in Super Bowl LVI, the Los Angeles Rams needed just one stop on fourth down and one yard to go to become champions.

On the sidelines, with the key fourth down play coming up, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay tried to rally his defense to just make one big play.

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“Hey! What else could you want?!” coach Sean McVay asked his defense in mic’d up footage captured by NFL Films.

“What else could you want?! Right now! Let’s go! Let’s go!”

McVay then turned his attention to arguably the best football player in the NFL, number 99 Aaron Donald.

“Hey, Aaron!” the coach shouted. “This is the moment! Right now!”

Sean McVay predicted Aaron Donald was going to do something special

The footage then cuts to McVay, hands on knees, waiting for the snap of the ball on fourth down.

“Aaron Donald’s gonna make a play,” the Rams coach said, almost under his breath, to no one in particular.

After Donald does indeed make a play, McVay is seen jumping and shouting on the sideline, “Yes! I knew it!”

Cut to the celebration after the final gun and we see McVay chasing down Donald.

“Hey! Come here!” McVay yells. “I knew! Yes, sir! I knew you would make that play! I knew you would make that play!”

He wasn’t wrong. (Though it may have helped that Aaron Donald was lined up offsides on the key play, but that’s a story for another day.)

NFL fans reacted appropriately to Sean McVay’s prescience.

What a moment.