Michael Irvin Thinks The Cowboys Should Sign Johnny Manziel, Believes Jerry Jones Can Save The QB’s Life

Hall of Fame wide receiver and former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin believes that the only team he ever played for should take a gamble and sign Johnny Manziel, who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons since entering the league in 2014.

Joining Rich Eisen, Irvin believed that, once the Cleveland Browns officially release Manziel—as they’ve announced they will in March—that Jerry Jones shouldn’t hesitate to scoop up the former Heisman Trophy winner because of his talent, and because, in Irvin’s words, he thinks the Dallas owner can turn Manziel’s life around.

Irvin, who battled off-the-field problems himself during his playing career, added:

(Jones) helped me become a better man, and he will take his time. When you know there is somebody pulling for you in the higher office, it does make a difference. I think it can make a difference in this kid’s life.”

Manziel, who is a native of Texas, has been spotted partying in Dallas in recent weeks, and the recent incident involving him and his current/ex girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, took place in the city, so I’m not so sure having him play with the Cowboys’ star on his helmet is the best idea.

Before thinking about football again, hopefully, Johnny Manziel gets the help he needs to get his life back together, as a report surfaced this morning that his dad fears he won’t make it to his 24th birthday in December if Johnny doesn’t seek help.

Who knows if Jerry Jones can be the man to help the polarizing player get to that point as Irvin mentions, but it has worked with other players in the past.

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