Michael Jordan Is Giving Millions Of Dollars To Hurricane Florence Victims In An Awesome Show Of Generosity

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Last year, humanity upped its game in a major way after Hurricane Harvey swept across Texas, with people across the country doing everything they could to help victims of the storm.

There was an incredible outpouring of support in the wake of Harvey, whether we’re talking about the Astros donating millions of dollars to the recovery efforts or Pizza Hut filling kayaks with pies to feed those in need of a hot meal.

Every single person who contributed deserves their share of credit but no one did more than J.J. Watt, who raised over $40 million and gave back to the community in an incredible number of ways.

Last week, the Carolinas were pummeled by Hurricane Florence and people were quick to rally around those impacted by it.

Anheuser-Bush stopped production of beer to help keep the area supplied with water and some absolute heroes swooped in to rescue dozens of dogs who were abandoned during the storm.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

According to CNBC, Florence caused up to $22 billion in damage and there’s no doubt many areas will take years to fully recover.

Thankfully, plenty of people are stepping up to do what they can to aid the people affected by the storm— including former a Washington Wizards player by the name of Michael Jordan, who just announced he will be donating $2 million of his own money toward the cause.

Jordan issued a statement pleading for others to join him in contributing, saying:

“It’s truly devastating for me to see the damage that Hurricane Florence is doing to my beloved home state of North Carolina and to the surrounding areas.

The recovery effort will be massive, and it will take a long time to repair the damage and for families to get back on their feet. Together with the NBA, we have launched a platform to aid those most impacted.

Please join me, the Hornets organization and the NBA and donate to one of the local organizations assisting in the relief and recovery efforts. To all those affected, stay safe and know that we’re here to help.”

Jordan has deep roots in North Carolina, as he played at UNC prior to having a fairly successful NBA career before eventually acquiring controlling interest in the Charlotte Hornets.

Of course, this is a drop in the bucket for a guy who once bet $300,000 on a single putt while playing a round of golf with Charles Barkley.

It goes without saying that doesn’t take away from this awesome act of generosity and even though Jordan is a bit of a jackass by most accounts this is a certified Good Guy Move.

The Hornets are also selling “Carolina Strong” shirts with 100% of the proceeds going to the fund they’ve set up for Florence victims.

If you want to help out, NBA Cares has links to a number of organizations you can donate to in order to do your part.

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