Michael Jordan Is Trying To Sell His $15 Million Dollar Mega-Mansion In The Most Michael Jordan Way Ever

michael jordan


For a man who has become an icon for demanding perfection from himself and everyone around him, it should come as no surprise that his attempt to sell his $15 million Chicago suburb mega-mansion supersedes the way you tried to sell your $15 million mega-mansion.

According to TMZ,

The 56,000 square foot property had been on the market since 2012 — but didn’t move — so Jordan recently kicked the listing over to Kofi Nartey at The Agency … the real estate group headed by ‘Real Housewives’ star Mauricio Umansky.

Kofi decided to go full balls to the wall to get the word out about Jordan’s home — so he called in a production crew and made a series of blockbuster quality videos.

Check out the movie-quality videos below.

I’m about 14,999,961 short. Do you accept IOUs? I’m good for it, bro.

[h/t TMZ]