PGA Tour Player Blasts Bryson DeChambeau For ‘Cringy’ Interview About LIV Merger

Michael Kim watches a shot.

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PGA Tour player Michael Kim took a moment to blast LIV star Bryson DeChambeau amid the recent merger between the leagues. DeChambeau was seen in an interview on CNN, which Kim said looked “cringe.”

The LIV-PGA Tour merger has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world, and while the intent was ” to unify of the game of golf,” a split is still more than evident.

This partnership comes following a two-year battle of leagues, resulting in a verbal and moral attack on LIV and its players. PGA Tour commissioner challenged the ethics of defecting players due to LIV’s Saudi backing, but in the end, the almighty dollar weighed greater than the values he preached.

As one would imagine, PGA Tour players were unhappy with the merger decision, particularly due to the fact that they had no say in the deal. Golfers found out in real time on social media just like the rest of the world.

Their loyalty to the Tour meant nothing when all was said and done, and many will never recoup the tens of millions of dollars turned down to remain with PGA.

Bryson DeChambeau went on CNN to talk about those upset PGA Tour players, as well as a number of other topics surrounding the merger. He had a lot to say.

The clip is definitely worth a listen, as it touches on accusations that the Saudis financed terrorism, their rumored connection to the murder of a Washington Post journalist, and the overall mission behind the merger.

“We’re trying to mend the world and make it a better place… a better world for everybody.”

One PGA Tour player quickly commented on the interview, blasting DeChambeau for wanting nothing more than attention.

Michael Kim said, “Bryson loves the spotlight so much he doesn’t get how cringe all of this looks,” in response to the clip. He clearly didn’t believe the message came off as well as DeChambeau intended.

Many fans agreed, with one writing, “Bryson hitting ’em with the ‘nobody’s perfect’ when being pushed on 9/11 and some Saudi human rights violations gave me a morning jolt no coffee ever could.”

This shows that the merger won’t be a quick fix in the relationship between the players. Rory McIlroy said as much in his most recent press conference, reiterating his hate for LIV and his belief that those players should still receive some sort of punishment for leaving.

The meshing of the two leagues will be something to follow in the future. We seem to be off to a rocky start.