Michael Sam Kissed His Boyfriend on ESPN After Being Drafted Into the NFL and It Was Awesome

by 4 years ago


Hate-filled trolls: Go ahead and unfollow us. Unlike us. Call us names. “Never visit our site again!!!” We don’t care: The best moment of the 2014 NFL Draft was the historic moment when The League’s first openly-gay player was drafted by the St. Louis Rams earlier today. He was in tears and kissed his boyfriend while ESPN’s cameras filmed the reaction of the news from his home.

Of course there are trolls:




But fuck them. If you aren’t touched by the Michael Sam reaction video, I’m not sure you have a soul. In a couple of years, we can all hope this sort of thing isn’t even a story.

Love is love, don’t matter who it’s between. Never forget that. Way to go, Michael Sam and congratulations on being Drafted into the National Football League. Watch below:

[H/T: Uproxx]


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