Remember When WWE Asked Michael Sam To Appear On ‘Raw’? Well They Don’t

Remember all the way back to yesterday when the WWE offered Michael Sam the opportunity appear on Raw next week? It’s tough to recall, it’s been like twelve hours, so I’m sure the memory gets hazy.

If you don’t remember, I’ll allow this refresher — on Monday’s edition of Raw, the WWE made two very public announcements that they’d like to have Michael Sam on the show as a very special guest. The next day, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon penned a letter to the suddenly out of work NFL hopeful. Do you remember now? Dude, stay off the weed. Damn.

Anyway, Sam didn’t bite. In fact, Sam didn’t even acknowledge the invite, and now Sam is signed to the Cowboys practice squad.

So WWE will probably send out a “Best of Luck message” on their website or mention, oh, nope, sorry, they’re taking the “drunk uncle at a wedding” approach and pretending the entire invite never happened. “Who’s Michael Sam? An openly gay NFL player you say? Interesting. Well, that should make some news. Back to planning six more months of Growing Up Bella.”

Because this is the WWE, they’ve got a plan B for Monday night. Jerry Springer will be the very special guest on Monday’s episode of Raw. And you thought I was kidding about planning for Growing Up Bella.

H/T With Spandex