12-Year-Old Boy With The Last Name Goodell Proves The Patriots Were Innocent In DeflateGate During His Science Fair

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First off, let me tell you how pissed off it makes me that today’s date is March 9th, 2016 and we’re still talking about fucking DeflateGate. Seriously, this thing has carried on for 15 months now and we still don’t have a resolution. Is there anymore evidence needed to point to the incompetence of Commissioner Roger Goodell than this?

OK, now that that mini rant is out of me, how about the fact that some 12-year-old kid who ironically has the last name Goodell may have just debunked the entire DeflateGate conspiracy during his seventh grade science fair.

Per Vice Sports, Ben Goodell, a seventh-grader from Lynn, Massachusetts, won his science fair after his experiment proved that the accusations against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in DeflateGate fell, well, flat.

Goodell’s experiment was titled “How Weather Conditions Affect PSI of a Football,” and it determined that the PSI in footballs dropped in varying weather:

“Goodell, who took first place in last year’s fair, began his experiment with a properly-inflated football. He then exposed the ball to different weather conditions, including humidity, snow, wind chill, and cold and ice.

“Every time, it dropped 2 PSI,” [Goodell] said. “The lowest PSI recorded during deflategate was 2 PSI under proper inflation. I had (the football) at proper inflation when I started.”

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