Football Fans Are Blown Away By Video Of Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio’s Incredible ‘PFT Barn’ Man Cave

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Mike Florio is living the good life.

The 57-year-old is the founder and primary writer for, which was sold to NBC in 2009.

Florio still writes for PFT, but now that he has that NBC money it’s clear that things are pretty good for West Virginia and Carnegie Mellon (talk about your opposites) grad.

Take, for instance, the wagyu steak that Florio absolutely destroyed over the summer and was rightfully grilled (see what I did there?) for.

Fans Drool Over Mike Florio’s ‘PFT Barn’ Man Cave

Since so much of Florio’s job surrounds football, it makes sense that he would have quite the man cave. What fans couldn’t have imagined is that he has an entire man barn. Florio showed off the PFT Barn, as he calls it, on Twitter over the weekend. And football fans were immensely jealous.

The 91-second video on Twitter shows off Florio’s converted barn which is now the ultimate football-watching paradise. The barn features the following.

  • Four flat screen televisions
  • Four electric recliners
  • A poker table
  • Shuffle bowling
  • A fully stocked bar
  • A fully stock humidor
  • Numerous guitars (which Florio admits he cannot play)
  • A pool table
  • Several arcade games (inclduing Golden Tee and NFL Blitz)
  • An endless amount of posters and memorabilia

When you describe a “man cave” to somebody, Florio’s barn is the absolute peak of what most people imagine. It’s genuinely a work of art, and fans were extremely impressed and jealous.

Even the haters had to give Florio his due.

The incredible setup got us thinking. What’s the ideal man cave setup? How many TVs we talking? The bar is a must, but what about the pool table? Maybe some darts?

Florio does it well, undeniably. But there are always ways to make a man cave better. And we promise we won’t use it to ruin incredible cuts of meat.