Salty Mike Glennon Reportedly Felt Like ‘He Was Cheated On’ When The Bears Drafted Mitch Trubisky

by 11 months ago

Last week, the Chicago Bears surprisingly traded up in the draft to pick up UNC QB Mitch Trubisky despite having signed Mike Glennon to a huge contract just a few months earlier.

According to Rich Campbell in the Chicago Tribune, Glennon found out the Bears were drafting Trubisky while at the Bears draft party at Soldier Field and reportedly “felt as though he had been cheated on”.

Via The Chicago Tribune.

It’s a good thing there wasn’t a camera on Glennon when Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Trubisky’s name. If anyone ever needed Miller Time, the veteran quarterback did in that moment.

He found out as the rest of the world did. The Bears don’t believe in him as much as he thought, as much as they conveyed to him during his blissful first seven weeks on the job. Glennon felt as though he had been cheated on, according to people in the know. When admiration, affection and support abruptly become rejection, it hurts. And the pain cuts deep.

Allow me to play the world’s smallest violin for Glennon who just signed a 3-year $45 million dollar with $18.5 million of it being guaranteed even though he has a 5-13 record as a starter.

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