Mike Greenberg’s Daughter Has Hilarious Reaction To Aaron Rodgers Rumors

Aaron Rodgers rolling out

Getty Image / Patrick McDermott

It is never easy being a New York Jets fan.

The team has gone through some rough years as they have repeatedly whiffed at the quarterback position.

That could change this offseason.

There have been plenty of rumors about the Jets pursuing Aaron Rodgers in the next couple of months.

The possibility has Jets fans excited.

In fact, it has the daughter of one of the sports world’s most famous Jets fans thinking that the Jets landing Rodgers could move her birth down the list of the best moments in her father’s life.

Yesterday, Mike Greenberg’s daughter, Nikki, tweeted that she is coming to terms the Jets landing Rodgers being the best thing that would ever happen to her dad.

The children of a lot of Jets fans are probably going to need to come to terms with this if Rodgers actually does end up heading to East Rutherford.

Landing Aaron Rodgers would be the best thing to happen to that franchise in quite some time.

The Jets have been a mess at quarterback for decades. Just in recent years they’ve spent early first round picks on Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Sam Darnold, and Zach Wilson.

After years of suffering through disappointing quarterback play, the Jets fan base needs a quarterback that gives them hope they can be an actual contender.

Rodgers would give them that. Even at 39 years old. Rodgers would be the best quarterback the franchise has ever had.

The Jets proved this season that they have pieces to be a strong team in the AFC. Breece Hall was lighting it up in his rookie season before he tore his ACL and has the potential to be one of the conference’s best running backs when he returns next season.

The Jets also had one of the league’s toughest defenses in 2022. They allowed just the 4th least points per game in the league and the 3rd least passing yards per game.

The team’s passing attack also has weapons that Rodgers would be able to take advantage of. Garrett Wilson had a strong rookie season and Elijah Moore looked like he was developing into a dependable weapon before a rough second year in the league.