Mike McCarthy Has Cowboys Practice Wearing Numberless Jerseys, For Secrecy

Mike McCarthy Against Fake Crowd Noise Cowboys Practice In Numberless Jerseys

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The Dallas Cowboys… always one step ahead of the rest of the NFL. Right? For example, Sunday night as the team held a televised practice from AT&T Stadium Cowboys new head coach Mike McCarthy had all of the players on the team wearing numberless jerseys.

You know, so opposing teams that happened to be watching the local Dallas station that was airing the practice would have no idea that players like Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, and CeeDee Lamb will be starting once games commence.


Even smarter, according to ProFootballTalk.com, “The local station broadcasting the practice is showing no live plays. Cowboys fans watching at home are complaining on social media of seeing only players on the sideline.”

According to Jerry Jones, their reasoning for no numbers on the jerseys was because they don’t want other teams knowing about the borderline players the team wants to keep on their practice squad.

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Of course, Cowboys fans were not happy, which is becoming pretty much the norm these days.

In other odd Dallas Cowboys news, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is “not a fan” of piping in fake crowd noise for games without fans – something it sounds like he won’t have to worry about during Cowboys home games this season.

“It’s league mandated,” said McCarthy. “They’re trying to pull all the football criteria together for the regular-season games. It seems like they’re not settled on a decibel level – a level of noise – so I was kind of waiting to see exactly how loud it was going to be, particularly the crowd noise that’s going to be the same in every stadium. So that’s a pretty accurate example of what to expect.”

Despite his misgivings, the Cowboys practice WAS held with fake crowd noise pipe in because their first game is against the Rams and will be be held at an empty SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

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