Mike McDaniel Expertly Dodges Another Tampering Issue For The Miami Dolphins

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Getty Image / Chris Graythen

This offseason, the Miami Dolphins found themselves at a pretty big disadvantage as they attempted to continue building around a roster that led the organization to its first playoff appearance since 2016 last year.

The franchise didn’t own a first round pick this year.

It wasn’t because of any kind of major trade, but instead because of tampering.

The team lost their first rounder this year and a third rounder next year as a result of an investigation into their tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton while both were still under contract with the Buccaneers and Saints respectively.

Today, their head coach had to dodge putting the team into another sticky situation with the league’s tampering rules.

The Dolphins are currently viewed as the favorite to land a player that is still a member of another team.

Today, Mike McDaniel was asked about the rumors linking the Dolphins to Dalvin Cook and made sure to stay away from saying anything he could regret.

“March 6, 1983, the day I was born, right? Now we take a closer look at that date and that in fact was not yesterday,” McDaniel said. “Okay, so people that are rumored to be tall, short, people that are rumored to be, you’re not going to get this guy. I’m Year Two. Okay? What I am excited about is talking about the most important thing which is the third day of veteran minicamp and we’ve got a lot of guys that are good players that have an opportunity to get better. Answer your question?”

His answer sounds like a whole lot of nonsense, but it definitely served its purpose. McDaniel was able to avoid saying anything about a player that is currently under contract with another franchise that could get the Miami Dolphins in any trouble.

If his Instagram account was any indication today, Dalvin Cook could be well on his way to joining the Dolphins, but the organization will need to be careful until the Vikings make an official move.

In just his 2nd year as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, Mike McDaniel appears to have already learned from the franchise’s past missteps.