Mike Perry Vows To Give Luke Rockhold A New Nickname After He Knocks Him Out Cold At BKFC 41

Mike Perry vs Luke Rockhold


Former UFC stars Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold are set to fight in one of the biggest fights in BKFC history, and things have gotten chippy between the two.

Before their fight, Perry and Rockhold got into a heated back and forth during their press conference on Thursday in Denver, Colorado.

After the press conference, Rockhold playfully put Perry in a chokehold during their faceoff.

Despite the chippiness, Perry respects the fact that Rockhold wanted to face him in the BKFC ring.

“Luke has spoke highly of me coming to the bare-knuckle ring. I’m one of the reasons he’s coming here, because he saw the success I have. He’s not as good as a boxer as me, though. He doesn’t love boxing the way I do but he’s a great fighter, a great opponent, great competitor. He’s been around for years in mixed martial arts, but he’s a great grappler. So I’m looking to just go blow for blow and hit and not get hit.”

Perry does plan to give Rockhold a new nickname after their fight.

“It ends by me knocking him out, I’m a knock Luke out cold. That’s his new name, Luke Out Cold.

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