3-Time MVP Mike Trout Clowns Baseball Twitter Account That Was Criticizing His Swing

Mike Trout Clowns Baseball Twitter Account That Was Criticizing His Swing

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Normally, this time of year, Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout would be very busy gearing up for Spring Training.

Instead, because Major League Baseball is gonna Major League Baseball, Mike Trout is doing stuff like this…

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So, Mike Trout obviously has a little more free time on his hands than he normally would in February.

Which also means he has time to notice things on social media.

Like this tweet from hitting coach Matt Lisle, joking about what kind of tips and suggestions would his followers have for a certain hitter in a video he posted.

Yes, that is Mike Trout in the video. And no, he needs absolutely zero help with his swing.

That didn’t stop the Twitter account for the Evansville Devils, a 17U travel baseball team out of Indiana, from offering some advice.

“Pitching machine swing,” they replied. “Works great when you’re 8, not so much against any velocity. Work with him on keeping his hands inside the line and keeping shoulders level. Balance is key.”

Pitching machine swing…

Three-time AL MVP Mike Trout is the only player in Major League Baseball history with 300 home runs, 200 stolen bases and a .300/.400/.500 slash line after 10 years in the Majors. He currently leads all active MLB players in career slugging percentage (.582) and OPS (1.000). And he is the first player in MLB history to hit 30 home runs, steal 45 bases, and score 125 runs in a single season. But yeah… pitching machine swing.

Naturally, many baseball fans had questions and comments.

Fans couldn’t believe it, yet they continued to criticize Mike Trout’s swing

Undeterred, the Evansville Devils Twitter, for some reason, doubled down.

Which, of course, led to many, many more comments and questions.

Eventually, they were made aware that it was Mike Trout in the video.

And eventually, Mike Trout himself had to respond.

Seriously though, that’s really not a hill worth defending.

UPDATE: All’s well that ends well.