Watch A Short Documentary About The Millionaire Baseball Pitcher Who Lives In A Van

Yesterday, in the grapefruit league, Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris earned a W against the Orioles. The 21-year-old was on the mound for 6 innings, only allowing 3 hits, an earned run, and seven strike outs. His average fastball averaged around 96 MPH, with one pitch with gas around 100.

Out of high school, Norris signed a contract for $2 million to play for the Blue Jays organization. He lives in a van. Specifically, a 1978 Volkswagen that he calls home during the off-season. He drove it to spring training, where R.A. Dickey sabotaged it.

Norris has been the subject of all sort of media attention over the last few months, including a massive profile in ESPN: The Magazine. It’s a great read. He let VICE Sport vagabond around with him for a couple days, resulted in a fun little documentary about baseball’s Van Man.

Daniel Norris already has Bro King status for that awesome beard, but this just makes me like the dude even more.

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