The Minnesota Twins’ Scoreboard Operator Displayed Fake Trade Rumors From Some Random Twitter Account

Twitter is a dangerous resource. On the one hand, it’s easy to fall for fake accounts. On the other, it’s also not that hard to confirm if that account is the real one. You just look at the amount of followers and see if their verified. If an Ariana Grande account with less than 300 followers tweets about being hungry for a cockmeat sandwich, chances are that’s not her real account. However, if an account with a little blue check mark tweets about her desire to find a man who’s willing to “grind up on this Grande”, that really is her, because it’s a verified account and, unbelievably, that’s an actual lyric from one of her songs.

Look, I’ve fallen for weird Twitter accounts tossing out fake news or reports. It’s easy to just accept these things at face value. However, I’m also not in charge of the display on a scoreboard in a professional baseball stadium. Which is different than this guy who fell for a fake account and displayed his the ‘reports’ on the Minnesota Twins scoreboard.

Big fan of the cameo by the root beer float at the end there. We needed that. It makes me really be able to connect with this people on a personal level. The funniest part of this entire debacle, however, is just how absurd the Twitter account that this guy fell for actually was.

My hot take is that the scoreboard operator wanted the world to know that Hillary Clinton was actually a man but needed to bury the lead a little bit. Make them work for the big reveal. “Why did you post those?” “Well, honestly sir, I came up with the name ‘He-llary’ for the male version of Hillary Clinton like 20 years ago and I’d never have forgiven myself if I let this opportunity pass me by.”

Despite it not being true, the Indians were very grateful to receive Beltran, even for just a fleeting moment.

[h/t For The Win]