Minor League Soccer Goalie Assumedly Is Now Swimming In Contracts After Punting A 110 Yard Bomb To Score A Goal

Sometimes, to find the diamond in the rough, you have to look places that no one else is willing to look. You want to find a nice girl to bring home to mom that no one else knows, hit a strip club or dive bar to find the morally flexible woman with a heart of gold. You want to find some hilarious YouTube videos that no one else has seen, dive into the deep web. Sure, you’ll need to bat away a bunch of weird shit first (actual strippers/disgusting women, whatever weird/illegal shit lives in the deep web), but sometimes, the diamond is worth the search.

Enter the video of the goalie from FC Wichita scoring a 110 yard goal when attempting to clear the ball.

Ok so, hot take, it always shocks me how many soccer leagues there are. There always seems to be another level of the minor leagues beneath the already established levels I am aware of. It’s like a never-ending hole populated strictly by minor leagues that I constantly fall into. However, give this kid a major contract. Sure, the opposing goalie was completely out of position, but what a fucking rocket. Imagine getting too drunk at this kid’s New Year’s Eve party and having him kick you out of his house? You’d end up in the next town over. Regardless, I’m hoping this kid gets moved up to whatever tier is next. Isn’t that what soccer’s all about? Moving up in the world, one full-field goal at a time?

[h/t TFM]