MLB Traditionalists Aren’t Happy With The Giants But San Francisco Couldn’t Care Less

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  • MLB traditionalists aren’t happy with the Giants’ neglect for baseball’s unwritten rules
  • San Francisco doesn’t care, they’re more interested in winning
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The San Francisco Giants have been taking some heat from baseball traditionalists.

In a blowout win over the Padres on Tuesday, San Francisco players and management opted to neglect some of the sport’s “unwritten rules” in an attempt to gain an advantage for games later in the series.

The most egregious offense was a sixth inning bunt-for-base-hit by Mauricio Dubon with the Giants leading the game by nine runs. San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin didn’t take kindly to what he views as bad sportsmanship.

San Francisco Manager Gabe Kapler Responds

Giants manager Gabe Kapler sees no issue with the bunt, or a variety of other incidents that happened throughout the game.

The San Francisco leader also mentions a second inning steal by Steven Duggar with his team leading 10-1. Check out his postgame comments below.

“I fully support both of those decisions. I support the decision that Duggar made, also support the decision that Dubon made to bunt right there. Our goal is not exclusively to win one game in a series, it’s to try to win the entire series. 

“Sometimes that means trying to get a little deeper into the opposition’s pen, and I understand that many teams don’t love that strategy. And I get why… It’s not to be disrespectful in any way… It’s the best way to try and win a series.

“If other clubs decide they want to do the same thing to us, we won’t have any issue with it.”

He’s got a point.

Working the opposition’s pitching staff deeper into games can be key to winning a three- or four-game series. And let’s get real, these are professional players. As Kapler notes, it’s not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, it’s about getting as many wins as possible.

Giants Players Have Embraced This Strategy

Kapler mentions that his team talked about the strategy prior to the year. His players seem to share the same sentiment.

Dubon, specifically, was asked about the bunt after the game. He mirrored what was said by his team’s manager.

It will undoubtedly rub more opponents the wrong way moving forward, but don’t expect the Giants to change their line of thinking. San Francisco won their first series of the season using these tactics. They’ll try to pick up another series win in the finale versus San Diego.

As long as it continues to work, they won’t care what their opponents think.