MLB Ump Has Hilarious Reaction After Getting Caught Swearing On Hot Mic (Video)

MLB Ump Has Hilarious Reaction After Swearing On Hot Mic (Video)

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The world of sports has produced countless cautionary tales concerning the potential perils of being equipped with a microphone capable of broadcasting your words to the masses at some fairly inopportune moments—including plenty of situations where people have fallen victim to what’s known as a “hot mic.”

In 2021, NHL referee Tim Peel found himself out of a job after he seemingly admitted to fabricating a penalty call without realizing the entire world could hear what he was saying. He’s not the only official who’s ended up in a sticky situation thanks to that kind of inadvertent confession, but in most cases, those errors are simply embarrassing as opposed to career-ending.

That includes the many occasions where a hot mic has resulted in someone uttering something you’re not supposed to say on television, which was the case with another NHL ref who was caught tossing a “F—k you” at a player who complained about a call (an incident one of his colleagues expertly avoided a repeating last season).

On Tuesday night, MLB umpire Adrian Johnson became the newest member of that unenviable club thanks to what unfolded during a contest between the Padres and the Giants in San Francisco.

In the top of the second, it appeared San Diego’s Brandon Drury hit into a double play to bring the inning to an end. However, the bang-bang call was ultimately challenged, and the replay showed he’d narrowly beaten the throw to first base.

While it seemed like a pretty straightforward reversal, things took a very amusing turn when Johnson went to announce the call was overturned, as the ump had a hilarious reaction after realizing the “Oh s—t” he dropped while fiddling with his equipment was picked up by the microphone that blasted it out to the entire world.


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