MMA Fighter Suffers The Gnarliest Eye Gash You’ll Ever See Courtesy Of A Flying Knee

by 12 months ago


When you willfully enter a profession where the sole goal is to physically annihilate another man in peak physical condition, odd are you’re going to acquire some pretty gnarly injuries.

An English MMA fighter named Jack Mason ended up on the receiving end of a ferocious first-round flying knee in a TKO loss to Hakon Foss at Cage Warriors 93 this past weekend. Foss was able to deliver a few more blows to the head and body of his opponent before the ref realized he had a situation on his hands.

Check it out below.

The GIF’s version of the devastating knee blow…

Now, the aftermath…







Ok, now that we’ve weeded out those pansies, check out this cut deeper than a Jersey shore v-neck.

Hey, at least Jack’s alive and has a good sense of humor about opening a vagina on his eyebrow.

Just another reason why you should immediately enter the fetal position in the face of physical activity.

[h/t Sports Illustrated]