MMA Fighting + Skydiving = People Beating The Snot Out Of Each Other 15,000 Feet In The Air

by 5 years ago


Because people are always looking for new ways to accidentally kill themselves, we now have a sport by the name of “Full Contact Skydiving.” It’s basically where a bunch of people jump out of a plane and then proceed to beat the shit out of each other. For whatever reason there’s actually rules that go along with the sport to keep its players safe, because, y’know, jumping out of a plane isn’t dangerous in itself or anything. The rules are as follows:

-The flight starts at 15,000 feet.
-Participants have to pull their parachutes at 4,000 feet.
-Participants may NOT interfere with other participants trying to pull their parachutes.
-You can’t strangle other participants with their parachute cords.
-No more fighting once you hit the ground.

Those last three make it sound like the creators of this game are expecting people to murder each other in free fall. Which isn’t a bad idea, considering you’re skydiving and shit happens. Anyone looking for a quick and easy kill?

Check out the video of Full Contact Skydiving below:

[H/T Uproxx]

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