MMA’s Sheldon Reid May Have Secured ‘KO Of The Year’ With This Lethal Front Kick That Nearly Decapitated His Opponent


At Shinobi War 7, Sheldon Reid continued his unbeaten mixed martial arts record after defeating Julio Calcina in a bantamweight bout in Liverpool, England. Reid secured the victory in jaw-dropping fashion, by landing a devastating front kick to Calcina’s kisser in the first round.

The below clip occurred directly after Calcina connected with a low blow on Reid after the  two were pinned along the fence. The referee stopped the action and restarted the two when Reid was ready. Evidently, Reid was fuming.

Reid said after the match:

“He came out a lot stronger than I expected, to be honest, but I was looking for the first round knock-out no matter what,” said Reid.

“He was quite physically strong but I knew I had to get up and finish the fight.

“I knew in my mind that I was going to be him away in the first round. I knew he was gone once that front kick landed.”

The knockout kick earned Reid a $1,700 bonus for quickest knockout of the night. It likely earned Julio Calcina a trip to the hospital.

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[h/t For the Win]