Redskins’ Tackle Morgan Moses Addressed The Viral Video Of Dwayne Haskins Pleading With His Lineman

Morgan Moses Addressed Video Of Dwayne Haskins Pleading With Lineman

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Sunday night, following the Washington Redskins 34-17 loss to the then 2-7 New York Jets, an embarassing video went viral that showed rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins appearing to be ignored as he pleaded with his offensive linemen for some help.

In the video, Haskins, who was sacked six times in the game, is shown on the sidelines asking the group of linemen, “What do I have to do to help you? What do I have to do?”

The looks on the Redskins’ linemen’s faces were a mix of disinterest and flat-out amusement at the fact that Haskins was still so invested in the meaningless game which dropped the team to 1-9 on the season.

On Monday, veteran Redskins offensive tackle Morgan Moses addressed the video of Haskins pleading with his fellow linemen for help on Sunday.

Moses told Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post, “He’s a young quarterback and he wants to be great. It’s a sucky situation. I knew when he came over there his intentions. And everybody else might not have known, but I knew what he was asking. It wasn’t, ‘You guys have got to do better.’ It was, ‘Hey, help me feel this out because I need some direction.’ That’s what we’re here for, as veterans and guys that have been here and been in the league and seen all these exotic looks — to help him figure this out and figure it out together.”

While that sounds good, the looks on the faces of the linemen spoke volumes, regardless of how Moses wants to spin it.

Moses was the only Redskins lineman who seemed to show any kind of response to Haskins in the video, and also of note, is the only one who had anything to say about the video of their reactions to Haskins’ pleading with them on Sunday.

Redskins interim coach Bill Callahan also tried to downplay the video, saying, “There’s so many things that go into that, a sideline conversation or dialogue. The main focus of that is protection-oriented and what he can do with protections and how he can help the line and what he can do better. I think that was the gist of the conversation. I make no more, no less of that. It happens all the time.”

Loose translation: the team is a dumpster fire and we’re rapidly running out of water.

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