Grown Man Cries On Air While Discussing The Myles Garrett Situation When Calling Into Radio Show

Grown man cries on live radio while talking about Myles Garrett situation

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The Myles Garrett suspension has probably brought a bunch of people to tears, as the Pro Bowl Cleveland Browns defensive lineman lost his mind against the Pittsburgh Steelers and used Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet as a weapon against him, causing lots of people in the Dawg Pound to cry knowing that the season’s probably over for sure now. Garrett’s actions are beyond embarrassing, and a total disgrace to the franchise.

While the Myles Garrett suspension is the latest black eye for an organization who has embarrassed themselves over and over for the past 20 years, one football fan — not a Browns nor Steelers fan — really got caught up in what happened last night. That’s because, while calling into the Boomer and Gio show to talk about the disgusting incident during the Thursday Night Football game, the guy, named Tony, actually teared up while speaking to the hosts. Take a listen below.

Man, this Tony from Westchester guy really loves the game of football, doesn’t he? Not only did he absolutely slam Myles Garrett for being a complete maniac by going apeshit on an opponent — on national TV, nevertheless — but he couldn’t hold back his emotions as he described his feelings about the whole thing, ranting on about how he used to play, how his sons used to play, and how the entire sport of football was just disrespected with Garrett’s actions last night.

I know people are passionate, especially about sports, but, wow, this is next level stuff. I want to know the deeper story about Tony’s football life. Like, did he lose a loved one to a crazed, helmet-swinging player back in the day to cause such PTSD? Just look at the reaction from Boomer the second Tony’s voice starts cracking.

Tony, we’re here for you, man. As a Browns fan, seeing the Myles Garrett suspension hurts me, too, so maybe we can go meet up for a couple bourbons on the rocks to talk this out and let the tears flow together, brother.

(H/T Golf Digest/The Loop)

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