The 30 Most Badass NASCAR Paint Schemes From 1990-1999 (Part 2 Of 4-Part Series)

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1. 1996 NWO Kyle Petty

Yesterday, we covered the the 30 Most Badass NASCAR Paint Schemes From 1949-1989, but as we enter into the 90’s of NASCAR, we come across something new for paint schemes, alternate designs.

The alternate paint scheme began in 1991 during the Daytona 500 when NASCAR wanted to pay tribute to our armed forces serving in Operation Desert Storm by having an Army (#7 – Alan Kulwicki), Navy (#18 – Greg Sacks), Air Force (#24 – Mickey Gibbs), Marines (#88 – Buddy Baker), and Coast Guard (#71 – Dave Marcis) designs.

Over the next few seasons, there were some alternate designs but it wasn’t until 1995 when Dale Earnhardt Sr. showed up in the No.3 Goodwrench Silverwrench Monte Carlo. The silver design was such a hit, it turned the paint schemes into a big part of what the fans loved about it.

Here are the top 30 NASCAR Paint Schemes of the 90’s.

30. 1990 No.52 Jimmy Means, Alka-Seltzer

30. 1990 Alka-Seltzer Jimmy Means

You don’t have to know Jimmy Means or anything about his career to know that when he had the Alka-Seltzer paint scheme back in 1990, he was being noticed but for the wrong reasons.

29. 1991 No.4 Ernie Irvan, Kodak

29. 1991 Kodak Ernie Irvan

As far as sponsorships go, Kodak has quietly been around since the dawn of man. They have had several different paint schemes but none of them came close to the 1991 design which featured the classic Kodak Gold plus rainbow lines too.

28. 1994 No.8 Jeff Burton, Raybestos

28. 1994 Raybestos Jeff Burton

It is a good thing Jeff Burton signed on with Raybesto’s for his first few years in NASCAR. It not only got him his shot at becoming a professional race car driver, it also got him some free publicity as everyone was talking about his 1994 Raybesto’s paint scheme, even today.

27. 1998 No.9 Jerry Nadeau, Cartoon Network Birthday

27. 1998 Cartoon Network Jerry Nadeau

Jerry Nadeau drove the No.9 Cartoon Network Ford that was created for NASCAR’s 50th birthday. It featured a pink splash front fender with all the cartoon characters we have loved for a very long time.

26. 1997 No.14 Steve Park, Burger King

26. 1997 Burger King Steve Park

The No.14 Burger King driven by Steve Park back in 1994 showed us all what is most important to the King of burgers, the meals.

25. 1999 No.42 Joe Nemechek, Bellsouth

25. 1999 Bellsouth Joe Nemechek

When did Bellsouth have such a colorful design?

24. 1998 No.94 Bill Elliott, McDonald’s Big Mac Tonight

24. 1998 McDonald's Mac Tonight Bill Elliott

Most fans hated this paint scheme but we think it is just brilliant. The blue of the night is masked perfectly across the car for the design of the Big Mac Tonight back in 1998.

23. 1998 No.13 Jerry Nadeau, First Plus Loans

23. 1998 First Plus Loans Jerry Nadeau

Dan Marino got into NASCAR and was part owner of this No.13 First Plus Loans car. The colors and number give it a certain Marino style that can’t help but to be noticed.

22. 1995 No.9 Lake Speed, Spam

22. 1995 Spam Lake Speed

Although SPAM is one of the most disgusting things ever created, the paint scheme was epic.

21. 1990 No.88 Buddy Baker, Red Baron’s Pizza

21. 1990 Red Baron's Buddy Baker

Before Papa John’s was the beast it has become, Red Baron’s was just as good and even better because you could make it yourself.

20. 1997 No.24 Jeff Gordon, DuPont “T-Rex”

20. 1997 DuPont T-Rex Jeff Gordon

The DuPont No.24 Jurassic Park T-Rex special edition stock car is one of the all-time most requested paint schemes to own, that is if you collect die-cast models.

19. 1997 No.5 Terry Labonte, Spooky Fruit Loops

19. 1997 Spooky Fruit Loops Terry Labonte

18. 1991 No.7 Alan Kulwicki, ARMY

18. 1991 ARMY Alan Kulwicki

As the story goes, this ARMY paint scheme was the first truly alternate paint scheme ever used in NASCAR.

17. 1996 No.3 Dale Earnhardt Sr., ’96 Olympics

17. 1996 Atlanta Olympics Dale Earnhardt Sr.

In honor of the Summer Olympics being held in Atlanta during the 1996 season, Dale Earnhardt Sr. had the special paint scheme for just the one race, in Atlanta.

16. 1998 No.28 Kenny Irwin, The Joker

16. 1998 The Joker Kenny Irwin

If Batman is the most popular DC Comics superhero ever created than The Joker is the best villain ever created, hands down.

15. 1998 No.44 Kyle Petty, Hot Wheels Blues Brothers Special Edition

15. 1998 Blues Brothers Hot Wheels Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty had a chance to own the paint scheme rankings when he signed with Hot Wheels but he only earned one Hot Wheels car on this list, the Blues Brothers movie edition he drove in 1998.

14. 1991 No.33 Harry Gant, Skoal Bandit

14. 1991 Skoal Bandit Harry Gant

These days, you aren’t going to find too many cigarette or tobacco companies sponsoring stock cars but Harry Gant raced long before that partnership died off. He drove the Skoal Bandit paint scheme for many years during his career.

13. 1997 No.17 Darrell Waltrip, Parts America Chrome

13. 1997 Parts America Darrell Waltrip Chrome

By 1997, Darrell Waltrip was almost finished racing stock cars in the Sprint Cup. However, he did find time to sport a chrome edition of his No.17 Parts America NASCAR.

12. 1999 No.36 Ernie Irvan, Skittles

12. 1999 Skittles Ernie Irvan

Tasting the rainbow has never had such an important meaning than when Ernie Irvan rocked this paint scheme in 1999.

11. 1994 No.71 Dave Marcis, Olive Garden

11. 1994 Olive Garden Dave Marcis

Nothing is exciting about the Olive Garden but then again, we aren’t here to discuss menu’s, just the paint schemes.

10. 1999 No.5 Terry Labonte, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

10. 1999 Kellogg's Corn Flakes Terry Labonte

Terry Labonte turned Corn Flakes into something cool in the late 90’s. It was this classic paint scheme that represented his successful partnership throughout the course of his career.

9. 1998 No.24 Jeff Gordon, DuPont Chromalusion Special Edition

9. 1998 DuPont Chromalusion Jeff Gordon

Chromalusion is a special kind of paint that shines from every angle and Jeff Gordon used it throughout the 1998 season on more than just this car.

8. 1995 No.3 Dale Earnhardt Sr., Goodwrench Silver Select

8. 1995 Goodwrench Silver Select Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. went with the Silver Select Goodwrench in 1995 starting the trend of special alternative paint schemes in NASCAR.

7. 1997 No.6 Mark Martin, Valvoline

7. 1997 Valvoline Mark Martin

The Valvoline paint scheme has seen many different shades and colors but none of them match the level of the 1997 scheme Mark Martin used that season.

6. 1992 No.11 Bill Elliott, Budweiser

6. 1992 Bud Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott was the most popular driver in NASCAR history before Dale Earnhardt Jr. came around. Almost anything he drove was an instant fan favorite.

5. 1995 No.94 Bill Elliott, Batman “Thunderbat” Forever

5. 1995 Batman Forever Bill Elliott

To put the Batman logo on the hood of your stock car means one thing, themed paint schemes. This was the first special themed paint scheme in NASCAR’s history.

4. 1990 No.6 Mark Martin, Folgers

4. 1990 Folgers Mark Martin

The best part of waking up… Ok, I’ll stop.

3. 1996 No.97 Chad Little, John Deere

3. 1996 John Deere Chad Little

The John Deere paint scheme has seen its fair share of designs but when Chad Little sported this in 1996, it was the best of the rest.

2. 1997 No.35 Todd Bodine, Tabasco

2. 1997 Tabasco Todd Bodine

If you could take a stock car and pour it onto your eggs for breakfast, this would be the only one you would want to do it with.

1. 1996 No.49 Kyle Petty, NWO

1. 1996 NWO Kyle Petty

When professional wrestling and NASCAR racing crossover, that is it. There is nothing better than when Kyle Petty sported a NWO stock car in 1996, at the height of their popularity.

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