The 30 Most Badass NASCAR Paint Schemes From 1990-1999 (Part 2 Of 4-Part Series)

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1. 1996 NWO Kyle Petty

Yesterday, we covered the the 30 Most Badass NASCAR Paint Schemes From 1949-1989, but as we enter into the 90’s of NASCAR, we come across something new for paint schemes, alternate designs.

The alternate paint scheme began in 1991 during the Daytona 500 when NASCAR wanted to pay tribute to our armed forces serving in Operation Desert Storm by having an Army (#7 – Alan Kulwicki), Navy (#18 – Greg Sacks), Air Force (#24 – Mickey Gibbs), Marines (#88 – Buddy Baker), and Coast Guard (#71 – Dave Marcis) designs.

Over the next few seasons, there were some alternate designs but it wasn’t until 1995 when Dale Earnhardt Sr. showed up in the No.3 Goodwrench Silverwrench Monte Carlo. The silver design was such a hit, it turned the paint schemes into a big part of what the fans loved about it.

Here are the top 30 NASCAR Paint Schemes of the 90’s.

30. 1990 No.52 Jimmy Means, Alka-Seltzer

30. 1990 Alka-Seltzer Jimmy Means

You don’t have to know Jimmy Means or anything about his career to know that when he had the Alka-Seltzer paint scheme back in 1990, he was being noticed but for the wrong reasons.

29. 1991 No.4 Ernie Irvan, Kodak

29. 1991 Kodak Ernie Irvan

As far as sponsorships go, Kodak has quietly been around since the dawn of man. They have had several different paint schemes but none of them came close to the 1991 design which featured the classic Kodak Gold plus rainbow lines too.

28. 1994 No.8 Jeff Burton, Raybestos

28. 1994 Raybestos Jeff Burton

It is a good thing Jeff Burton signed on with Raybesto’s for his first few years in NASCAR. It not only got him his shot at becoming a professional race car driver, it also got him some free publicity as everyone was talking about his 1994 Raybesto’s paint scheme, even today.

27. 1998 No.9 Jerry Nadeau, Cartoon Network Birthday

27. 1998 Cartoon Network Jerry Nadeau

Jerry Nadeau drove the No.9 Cartoon Network Ford that was created for NASCAR’s 50th birthday. It featured a pink splash front fender with all the cartoon characters we have loved for a very long time.

26. 1997 No.14 Steve Park, Burger King

26. 1997 Burger King Steve Park

The No.14 Burger King driven by Steve Park back in 1994 showed us all what is most important to the King of burgers, the meals.

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