NBA Analyst Offers Strange Advice For Kevin Durant

NBA star Kevin Durant

Getty Image / Jacob Kupferman

Ever since he left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant has been the subject of a lot of criticism from people around the NBA world.

Some of that criticism has been about the way that Durant handles criticism.

Durant is one of the league’s most active Twitter users and has been caught using a burner account on the site to defend himself from critics.

He has even admitted to using multiple burners on the site.

Recently, Durant has found himself once again getting attention from his critics as a result of there trade he requested that got him sent from the Brooklyn Nets to the Phoenix Suns.

Durant responded to the recent comments about him, saying that his critics don’t ever have to watch him play again.

His response was discussed on yesterday’s episode of “Speak” on Fox Sports 1 and one member of the panel had a strange suggestion for Durant.

NBA analyst Ric Bucher said that Durant needs to get married to learn what he needs to respond to and what he can just let go.

Bucher appears to be the only person who has found a correlation between these two things.

Kevin Durant’s reactions to critics have never seemed to have any kind of negative impact on him as a player despite regularly having to listen to the complaints of others.

Even in the midst of the current wave of criticism, Durant just returned from nearly two months of recovering from an injury and dropped 23 points in 27 minutes.

Something tells me that a change in relationship status isn’t going to have much of an impact on one of the most prolific scorers the NBA has ever seen.