The NBA Has Asked Drake To Stop Heckling Players After His Confrontation With Kendrick Perkins

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When it comes to being a sports fan, Drake is a lot like Littlefinger from Game of Thrones: you never really know whose side he’s on. The rapper has attached his hitch to an impressive number of bandwagons over the years, but despite his constantly evolving loyalties, he’s managed to become the unofficial ambassador for his hometown Toronto Raptors.

Over the past year, the organization has teamed up with a man who has tattoos honoring Steph Curry and Kevin Durant to create some (admittedly dope custom jerseys) and let him roleplay as a reporter on the floor for a game. However, during his latest appearance courtside, he found himself in a bit of hot water after deciding it would be a good idea to pick a fight with the 6′ 10″, 270 pound Kendrick Perkins.

Drake found himself on the receiving end of the wrath of Perkins (and Perkins’ mom) after he taunted the Cavalier during the first game of their series against the Raptors. Despite the fact that you have to be an absolute moron to pick a fight with Kendrick Perkins in the first place, Drake has continued to poke the incredibly large bear. As a result, the NBA has had to intervene in order to ensure they don’t have to deal with the fallout that would probably come from having a player rip off the head of a fan during a game.

According to USA Today, the rapper has been officially warned by the NBA to keep any shenanigans he might pull tonight cheeky and fun instead of cruel and tragic.

The news came from an anonymous source who didn’t say how the NBA would deal with Drake if he does decide to keep taunting opposing players, so I guess will see if the threat of ejection or bodily harm is enough to deter him.

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